Exclusive distributor of accessories is publishing KW. Accessories are the attributes of authenticity: a box with company logo or a cellulose-cut case of skeletons with laser, the sticker price and part number and company seal. Accessories do not have these attributes are not authentic and trading is understood as a violation of copyright.


Published: 02.11.2010
Because of publisher`s travel abroad, sales are not realized. Do not order by this site. You can buy my models in this internet shops: Orlik, Duduś,Card Model, Navarin,WMC Models, Kartonmodellbau, DrafModel and other.

New KW magazine

Published: 17.09.2010
Publisher KW will soon be publishing the next series "Kolekcja Wojenna". The new series will be issued regardless of the title "KW Cartoon Model", will be available exclusively on the publisher's website and in choosen model stores. At the same time we invite designers-modellers of the aviation, army vehicules and tanks, boatbuilders to cooperation. For those interested contact by e-mail address: kwmodel@boo.pl

Ju-87 photo gallery competition

Published: 30.08.2010
Competition for the best photo gallery Ju-87 was terminated partially. The winner was Andrew Chodakowski from Bialystok with the desert version of the Ju-87 R2 S1 + HK. The prize is the next model of publishing, together with accessories. There is no photos of "green"version Ju-87 B2 F1 + AC Eastern Front in the gallery. So I invite you to submit photos. The winner will be rewarded with any model and his accessories available in KW offer.

P-39 fixed problem with nitro cellulose lacquer

Published: 03.06.2010
Problem with lacquering sheets of model P-39 1-2/2009 with nitro-cellulose lacquer was solved Here's a way. The first step is to use acrylic lacquer spray. Apply a thin layer. Then wait a day. After the day can be painted with "Capon" nitro-cellulose, diluted in any ratio. The recommended ratio is 1:1. The experiment was repeated twelve times. With acrylic lacquer - Champion color "Spray Professional" - universal quick-drying enamel, and Capon Extra Domalux.

Photo Contest

Published: 10.11.2009
As in the case of the P-39, publisher announces a competition for best image gallery made Ju-87 model with the number 3-4-5/2009. The prize will be freely chosen model with accessories, photo gallery on the publication of releases and the publication of eight selected photos on the cover on the next number`s back side. Photos will be accepted until the end of august 2010. Winner will be selected in begin of september 2010.

New printing

Published: 07.10.2009
From the model, Ju-87 publisher uses a different printing. "Capon" problem no longer exists. You are free to soak the sheets. It should however be used fresh, not diluted. If you dilute, doo it in the proportions of lacquer /dissolvent 5:1. Highly diluted may cause irregular lesions clear. Use a soft brush pile.